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Family Owned & Serving the Dallas Area

Family Owned & Serving the Dallas Area


Filter Club Program

Far too often, a lack of preventative maintenance is found to be the culprit of costly repairs. With our company motto “Doing it right the first time, every time” always at the forefront of our minds, we are ecstatic to announce our new Aire Filters program. By delivering AND replacing your filters regularly, we can collaborate to keep your system cooling at peak performance while minimizing foreseeable repairs.  In addition to the convenience, you can expect a reduction in common allergens thanks to the anti-microbial Merv 10 rated filters we now offer. Furthermore, this program can be paired with our Cool Club Program for additional benefits!

Activation fee: $20 per yr

*if you are a Cool Club Member, the activation is only $10*

filter prices vary depending filters but the activation fee locks in that price for an entire year

no longer have to worry about when they need to be changed, we keep up with that and will schedule a time to come and replace the filter(s)